SSP Group Bahrain

Mark Angela, CEO of SSP

SSP Group, a prominent provider of food and beverage services within the travel sector, holds a significant presence at Bahrain International Airport.

Committed to providing top-notch customer experiences, SSP Group has firmly established itself as a key player in the airport’s culinary offerings. Since its inception in 1961, SSP Group has expanded its operations to encompass more than 2,800 outlets across over 30 countries worldwide.

The company’s expertise lies in crafting distinctive dining concepts tailored to meet the diverse requirements of travellers. Within Bahrain International Airport, SSP Group expertly manages a variety of establishments, ranging from quick-service cafes to upscale dining establishments, ensuring that passengers are spoiled for choice.

A notable feature of SSP Group’s presence at Bahrain International Airport is its dedication to promoting local cuisine. The company recognizes the significance of showcasing Bahrain’s rich culinary traditions and actively collaborates with local food producers and vendors to offer authentic and delectable Bahraini dishes. This not only enhances the airport experience for passengers but also contributes to the preservation and celebration of local culture and heritage. Moreover, SSP Group remains vigilant in monitoring the evolving trends and preferences within the food and beverage industry. The company continually adapts its offerings to meet the changing demands of travellers, guaranteeing a delightful dining experience at each of its outlets.

In recent developments, SSP Group has unveiled plans to expand its footprint at Bahrain International Airport. This expansion encompasses the introduction of new establishments and the enhancement of existing ones. Through these investments in expansion, SSP Group aims to further elevate the dining experience for passengers and solidify its status as the premier provider of food and beverage services at the airport.

SSP Group’s most recent venture in Bahrain, introduced in May of this year, is the exclusive sports lounge known as Runway (R) 12. It offers a panoramic view of the concourse at Bahrain International Airport (BIA). The inauguration ceremony, led by Mark Angela, CEO and Chief Business Development & Strategy Officer of SSP EEME, featured notable figures such as Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah, Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain

Airport Company; George Antoniou, SSP Managing Director for Eastern Europe and Middle East; Ahmed Yaqoob, CEO of Buhindi Group; Tomas de Prat Gay, SSP Bahrain General Manager; and Mark Knowlden, Group Business Development & Strategy Manager. Mark Angela, CEO of SSP Eastern Europe and Middle East, expressed his pride in collaborating with BAC and the introduction of R12 as a testament to their joint efforts in enhancing the airport experience in the region.

He highlighted the innovative lineup of 17 units and brands, several of which make their debut in Bahrain. These offerings encompass a diverse array of bespoke, local, and international brands characterised by cutting-edge design.

Paired with their insight into the preferences of both international and local travellers, this initiative aims to create an environment that encapsulates the rich spirit of hospitality and heritage deeply rooted in Bahraini culture.
He added that this new concept will further enrich the airport’s offerings and seamlessly complement its already exceptional features.

SSP Group’s dedication to sustainability is also evident in its operations at Bahrain International Airport. The company actively implements environmentally friendly practices, including reducing food waste and utilising sustainable packaging materials.

By prioritising sustainability, SSP Group not only minimises its environmental footprint but also contributes to a greener and more responsible travel industry.

In conclusion, SSP Group’s presence at Bahrain International Airport reflects its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences to travellers. With a diverse range of outlets offering both local and international cuisine, the company ensures that passengers have a plethora of choices. As SSP Group continues to expand and innovate, it maintains its position at the forefront of the food and beverage industry, setting the standard for excellence in airport dining.